Press Release – AXT Media acquires Peek Publishing Group


AXT Media Announces Acquisition of Peek Publishing Group

London, 3rd November 2023 – AXT Media, a leading player in the media industry, is proud to announce its latest milestone – the successful acquisition of Peek Publishing Group, a prominent media conglomerate known for its well-respected titles, including:




Cyber Security


This strategic acquisition marks a significant step forward in AXT Media’s mission to expand its presence and offerings in the media landscape. The addition of Peek Publishing Group’s assets and expertise aligns perfectly with AXT Media’s vision of becoming a comprehensive source for high-quality, industry-specific content and information.

Peek Publishing Group has built a reputation for delivering insightful and in-depth content to its readers across various sectors, making it a valuable addition to AXT Media’s portfolio. With this acquisition, AXT Media aims to further enhance its content diversity and cater to a wider audience, spanning the fields of technology, finance, and marketing.

“We are excited to welcome Peek Publishing Group and its talented team into the AXT Media family,” said Richard Allan, CEO of AXT Media. “This strategic move is a testament to our commitment to providing our readers with the most valuable and up-to-date information. We look forward to combining our strengths and resources to deliver even more exceptional content and services.”

Peek Publishing Group’s existing readers and subscribers can expect continued excellence as AXT Media intends to maintain the high editorial standards and quality that the group is known for. The transition will be seamless, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

As part of the acquisition, AXT Media plans to explore opportunities for synergy, collaboration, and innovation within its newly expanded portfolio. Readers can anticipate a broader range of content offerings, enhanced digital experiences, and access to a larger network of industry experts and thought leaders.

For advertisers and partners, this acquisition opens doors to reach a more diversified and engaged audience. AXT Media remains committed to delivering effective advertising solutions and expanding its reach across various industries.

The acquisition of Peek Publishing Group further solidifies AXT Media’s position as a leader in the media industry and underscores its commitment to providing exceptional content and services to its audience.

For more information about AXT Media and Peek Publishing Group, please visit our brands page.

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